Saturday, June 03, 2006


To act as a complete resource in renewable energy technology, initially concentrating on the Himalayan region.
  1. Facilitating the collecting, compiling, and timely publishing of information material on the widest possible basis on all aspect of renewable energy sources in a digital form.

  2. Non digital material: listings..bibliography...refrence….

To establish the network between various organizations professionals and communities, both nationally and internationally.
To establish a professional relationship with both regional and international organization having similar interests.
To act as a forum for people and organizations interested in the application of renewable energy technologies.
To provide up to date information regarding the renewable energy technology in the Himalayan region (Nepal/Sikkim/Ladakh/Bhutan…………..)
To take an ambitious and co-ordinated approach to promote renewable energy.
To facilitate the studies on the techniques, feasibility and opportunities in the field of renewable energy sources for individuals and organizations.
Encouraging and facilitating renewable energy research and development.
Promoting high standards of practice in the design, manufacture, installation, usage and marketing or renewable energy equipment through the dissemination of the information at one platform.
To enable the transfer of knowledge between nations by acting as a platform for policy makers, researchers, manufacturers, economists, financiers, government bodies and others to present their views and ideas in a discussion forum.


The is a forum/venue/center/medium devoted to the development of renewable energy technology at an international level by serving as a leading digital network for sharing ideas resource information among business academics students and researcher to promote the use of renewable, energy efficient and environment friendly technology.